Liquid Foil Attic Barrier insulation is a

radiant heat control coating that keeps

heat out of a building during the

summer and in during the winter.

By keeping up to 84% of radiant

heat from entering or escaping

a building, Liquid Foil Attic

Barrier insulation can cut energy

consumption and costs significantly.

It dries quickly to a shiny, metallic



Keeps up to 84% of radiant heat

out of the attic Costs less than

sheet-applied barriers Makes

existing insulation more efficient


Blown attic insulation has the ability

to insulate areas where other types

of insulation are difficult to install.

Blown insulation is excellent for

enclosed cavities, such as walls or for

unenclosed spaces, such as attics.

It also does not disturb any existing

finishes or installation as it can be

blown into small spaces.