Closed Cell Foam Insulation in Arlington, TX

Why Closed Cell Is The Way To Go

Believe it or not, insulation is not all created equally. There are two primary types of insulation: open cell and closed cell. Knowing the difference between the two can allow you to make an educated decision about which type may be best for your home. To learn more about closed cell foam insulation and your best choice for an Arlington, TX insulation service provider, contact American Insulation, LLC at (817) 588-2050.

Understanding Closed Cell Foam

Cells are the bubbles that make up the foam that is used to insulate your home. A closed cell foam is made up of cells that are completely closed. Those cells are pressed together so that no air and moisture is able to get inside of the foam.

Since there is no room for the air or moisture to penetrate, that means this kind of foam is usually much more stable and rigid than the open cell foam counterpart. It is also much more dense, around 1.75 pounds per cubic foot.

The biggest difference between these two types of insulation cells is that closed cell foam is thinner when sprayed on. Because of this, you can apply multiple applications of the closed cell foam to achieve a greater R-value, which dictates how well the foam insulates.

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Should you find yourself in need of new insulation and have more questions than answers, there is one name that you need to call: American Insulation, LLC. We have been serving the greater Arlington, TX area for years and aim to be here for many more, providing the best in insulation services around.

Our technicians are proficient and knowledgeable, able to tackle any situation quickly and confidently. And when it comes to your insulation installation, you should never be stuck with questions that you don’t have the answers to.

We not only provide quality installation, but we also give peace of mind as well. Never question the quality of work done to your home when calling in the professionals at American Insulation, LLC.

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