How do you Remove Hardened Spray Foam?

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Can you remove spray foam insulation?

Spray foam insulation is a combination of isocyanate and polyol resin that creates an expanding solid result much larger than either by themselves. The resulting foam prevents wind and airflow almost entirely as well as the foam being one of the most common insulations in the United States. So when you need to remove it for reasons like repairs or enhancements, there are ways to do so like:

While it may seem like there would be some sticky or liquid part of the foam, it’s actually entirely dry unless of course, you have a leak. Prior to considering any of the ways for spray foam removal, one should appropriately wear safety equipment to protect their skin, eyes, mouth, and nose. The dust that builds up as well as the isocyanate part of the mixture is bad for the lungs and can cause several problems. When covered up, a homeowner or laborer can take a knife and cut out as much of the foam as possible before using a scraper for the remaining. At that point to catch whatever’s left, using acetone can help in the cleanup process. Through mechanical means like a roof scarfer, a person can save some time if the foam is on a flat roof. In an attic, however, there are machines to help, but you may have some trouble finding them. So when you need spray foam removed, why not go with the professional option and call American Insulation, LLC. We can come out from our main location in Arlington, TX and help you with spray foam removal. Call (817) 588-2050 today to schedule your service.

Is it worth it to spray foam attic?

When you’re not looking for spray foam removal and actually are considering the application of it on your home, it actually is quite beneficial. Comparatively to traditional options, spray foam actually defends against harsh hot and cold temperatures alike. When considering it with other products, spray foam is 24 times less permeable when in the context of air filtration. While it is not suggested to allow it to get wet, it can be a great defense against moisture seeping through and overall adds another defense into your roof through your attic. This will make sure your home is completely dry when you are worried about moisture seeping in through the roof. We do suggest making sure your roof is well put together and cared for to get all the benefits from spray foam. In a sense, it is worth it to get your attic spray foamed when you are seeking to have your home completely air tight and free of too much humidity.

Can spray foam rot your roof?

While other parts of your home and the products you buy have a specific lifespan to them, you will not necessarily schedule the occasion for spray foam removal in the traditional sense. Spray foam roofing and insulation if in a convenient environment can last indefinitely. While roofing will need replacements due to damages and the environment, spray foam insulation does not have a set lifespan and in many cases outlasts the roof it is applied under. The spray foam will also retain its ability of insulation throughout its lifespan. The internal Association of Certified Home Inspectors has ruled that the spray foam can last over 80 to 100 years as well. Furthermore, spray foam does not rot the roof once so ever, playing no part in the deterioration of a roof when it does appear. 

One of the best reasons to apply spray foam roofing or reapply it after removing it to administer specific repairs is to create a purely airtight environment. When done, the overall attic will play into one of the spray-on foam’s greatest features: the fact that it does not attract mold. Not seen in wood or metal, spray-on foam is almost entirely responsible in preventing the growth of mold and mildew thanks to the stopping of humidity as well as moisture. 

foam roofing

Can I spray foam my attic myself?

With the right equipment and knowledge, it is completely possible to both spray foam and apply spray foam removal from your roof. The installation process actually does not take that long, particularly thanks to how the foam is applied due to being sprayed where you need it. We at American Insulation, LLC do not recommend the use of spray foam in rafters because attics do need ventilation in order to be a functioning part of the home. While ice dams are not an issue in Texas, a ventilated attic prevents the formation of them on the roof in the occasion the winter becomes particularly cold. When it comes to machinery in the attic, you want ventilation to not be hindered by spray foam so it does not overheat. If a previous company or occupant of your home has done that, we can apply spray foam removal when you need it. Call (817) 588-2050 today to schedule your service with American Insulation, LLC in Arlington, TX.