Open Cell Foam Insulation in Arlington, TX

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Not all insulation is created equally. For most of us, we just think of it as that pink stuff in our attic, but it does so much more. The insulation in our homes is responsible for regulating the temperature inside and helping to keep the elements out. There are also different kinds of spray foam that can be applied to ensure maximum coverage. These types are referred to as open cell and closed cell foam. Knowing the difference is important, especially if you decide to go with open cell foam. Dial (817) 588-2050 to connect with American Insulation, LLC about open cell foam insulation for your Arlington, TX property today.

What Is Open Cell Foam?

Whereas closed cell foam is made up of cells that are completely closed, the open cell version doesn’t have completely encapsulated cells. This means they are left open deliberately and are far more flexible than their closed foam counterparts.

While open foam is not quite as good for insulating in areas with extreme weather temperatures, there are a ton of benefits to installing it. It’s cheaper to install, for one. Secondly, it will soundproof in just a single application since the cells can get between the studs.

Call In The Professionals

You might still have questions and that is definitely okay. If you live in the Arlington, TX area, there is only one name in the insulation industry that you need to turn to: American Insulation, LLC.

Our exceptional professionals can readily explain that open cell foam can insulate even the hardest to reach areas in your home. These are areas that closed cell foam might not be able to get to. There are clear advantages to each type of foam and knowing which is the best for your home might not be so easy to discern.

Take the first step by calling us at (817) 588-2050 today to set up an appointment for open cell foam insulation in Arlington, TX. We will be able to provide all the necessary information so that you can make the right choice for your home and get a quick, easy installation.

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