Top Seven Projects Texas Homeowners Need to Consider

Being a homeowner in Texas comes with a lot of stress and expense, but it shouldn’t come with risk. If you haven’t updated your property in ages, you might be behind on things that could make it the best house possible.

These are the top seven projects all Texas homeowners need to consider, and what a difference they could make in your life.

1. Consider Better Lawn Drainage

Southeastern Texas has a huge water drainage problem. Over a sixth of all properties are at risk of flooding within the next ten years, and that’s a high-risk nobody wants to take. Instead of waiting to see what happens, protect your home ahead of time. Create better drainage through in-ground ditches that you can put leaf guards on top of. 

Make sure these lead down and away from your property. Look into the property it’s guiding to, and make sure you’re not flooding a neighbor’s lawn.

2. Update Your Siding

How old is your siding? The older it is, the more likely you need to replace it. Moisture can get beneath older siding, and it can crack and disintegrate until it’s no longer doing anything to protect your home. 

Update to something sturdy like steel siding that can handle weather fluctuations and last for well over fifty years as long as it’s maintained. You can even paint it any color you want, giving you a chance to still get to update your property often. 

If you can, consider adding insulation before your new siding is applied to create an extra layer of protection between your home and the outside world. This will make your home a little more energy efficient.

3. Adding a Second Floor Balcony

Spending time outside is most of what makes the south so special, so why not take it further? If you have a balcony on one of the upper floors of your home, it’s time to give it a makeover. This could mean adding roof deck pavers to provide it with a fresh look, or it could mean a new sealant on the wood or a coat of paint that makes it match the home better.

Add some comfortable seating, and turn this into an area that actually gets used more than once a year. 

4. Look Into Shaded Areas For Your Lawn

The biggest reason southerners spend so much time inside in the summer is the heat. When it gets over 90 degrees, it’s not possible to get cool if you’re in direct sunlight. Instead of having to overheat, take the time to add shade to your lawn. 

This shade can be a large pergola that’s aimed to cast a long shadow, or it could be a gazebo that makes something more intimate. Think about where you want your shade, and create a private oasis for yourself in the newfound outdoor freedom.

5. Looking At Your Insulation

How well-insulated is your home? Insulation helps block out moisture, sound, insect life, and, most importantly: temperature fluctuations. Texas can get horribly hot, with temperatures sitting well above 100 degrees for weeks at a time.

Have a professional company like American Insulation LLC come through and inspect your current levels. They’ll be able to tell you if you need more insulation or if there’s something wrong with your existing insulation.

6. Pay Attention To Your Windows

Your windows do more than allow the natural light through. In areas like Houston, they stop storm gales from making their way into the home, and in El Paso, they block out the temperature fluctuations that can change by forty degrees in one day.

Look at how old your windows are, and consider updating them for something new that works well. Check for air leaks, and if you find them, seal them as soon as possible. Leaking windows and doors can kill your HVAC system in the long run.

7. Give Your Porch a Makeover

Porches in the south are a big deal, giving people a place to stop and relax in the heat. Unfortunately, not all porches are created equally. If you have an older porch with a lot of wear and tear on it, you might be facing a problem with property value and curb appeal. You may even be embarrassed to think of anyone seeing you on this part of your property.

If this is you, a makeover can do it! A fresh coat of paint can go a long way, especially when paired with a rustic porch ceiling, new house numbers, and some cozy furniture. Turn this into an extension of your home, and you’ll be proud to sit out on it.

Every Property Needs a Little Care and Change

Whether you haven’t updated your home in twenty years or you just bought it and want change, there’s a lot you can do. Consider some of these projects, and watch your house flourish.